The Varsity PUBG Mobile League Powered By Mettlestate has just launched its registration phase and we wanted to make sure that you had all the details that you needed to grab yourself a few Chicken Dinners on your way to victory.

Tournament Details

  • Platform – Mobile
  • Event Type: League
  • All games will be played online
  • Teams will be separated grouped into a single leader-board
  • A Valid Student Card/Varsity ID will be required to play
  • Only Open to University teams.
  • Prize Pool – R10,000


  • 4 Weeks of play
  • One Play-Day a week for each week
  • Tuesdays will be play days for the Varsity PUBGM League
  • Four matches per play day
  • Points are given every match based on placement and amount of eliminations.
  • Team with the most points at the end of the League is declared the winner

Find out more details about the Varsity PUBG Mobile League Powered By Mettlestate over here